Since ancient Egypt the clay was already considered a magic powder with many virtues, to be used as a main ingredient for beauty masks. The clay in fact, has many properties: it is refreshing, hydrating, purifying, decongestant, absorbent.

This last good quality makes the clay an efficient ally against swellings and water retention. Right on these properties of the clay our firm, with more than 30 years of experience, based the creation of the beauty treatments that are among the most efficent in purification of the body tissues and in elimination of toxins.

We are talking about the OCEANIA System:
a seat of treatments that are based on the "clay" product and that induce to a psyco-phisical balance. It is not a slimming "magic pill", but a prim and proper customised natural system for everybody, men and women.

The OCEANIA System offers three different treatments:

the BODY WRAP METHOD is ideal for all people desiring to restore the original tone and elasticity of the body tissues. It is a superlative method to take action against cellulite, shaping and firming the body; it is warmly recommended in drastic weight loss cases and for women who have justgiven birth.
The BODY SENSATION METHOD balances the minerals of our body and is effective on the harder fatty tissue, the “orange peel like” cellulite. It is especially recommended to people whose life style doesn’t include much physical exercise and a balanced diet.
The BODY SERUM METHOD is unbeatable in localised cellulite treatment, without the need of invasive treatments like mesotherapy or liposuction.

Yes, the OCEANIA System is all range of customised treatments, new and some are rediscovered, that brings out the ocanic clay's beneficial effect and provides times of absolute wellness. Only one crucial effort is required: to rely on an experienced professional, whitout the stress of drastic diets or inadequate and rough physical exercices.

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